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Regents Place, London 2011 - 2013

'Set in Stone' was my first commision for British Land after winning a competition they ran for MA Chelsea College of Art Students.  The outcome of the work was ten poetry paving slabs with the words of young people from the nearby Samuel-Lithgow Youth Centre.  The young peoples poems, about the weather, were written in two short workshops I ran at the centre with the help of Poet Mixy Riccardi.  The Poetry Slabs took the words created in a fleeting moment and holds somewhat memorialises them to allow reflection. The installation aimed to help the young people feel that the commerical mixed use development in their local neighbourhood was a place for them and perhaps let the empherial work visitors to the site in the day consider who might have created the words.


Stone Carving by master carver Gary Churchman

Further detail on this project can be found in the book - see attached link.

Set in Stone (2011)
Set in Stone (2011)
Young People BL
Set in Stone (2011)
BL Group WS 1
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