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My practice stems from the personal yet seeks to relate through the universal.  Sculptural works are abstract but bodily and aim to forge connection through the visceral. Elements of sorrow, confusion, anxiety, allure and danger and metaphoric death are explored, sometimes with sexual undertones. Forms often unravel and teeter on the edge of collapse playing the tension of material and form.  A mingling of cast metal, ceramic, fabric, found objects seeks out a contradiction that which is heavy/ light, hard/ soft, part object and whole, the symbolic and obscure.  Currently I’m concerned with exploring experiences of matrescence, feminism, the domestic, violence/danger and coercion (most of these works still to be complete/ uploaded after a gap in making sculpture since birthing twins). 

Wrung (2023)
Crimson Head (2016)
Untitled (2017)
Carnalia (2015)
Desirable Object (2017-2024)
Remnants (2017)
Unravelling (2016)
Reoccurance (2016) detail
Digression (2016) detail
Case Material (2016)
Vulva (2016)
Exposed Abandonment (2014)
Holler (2016)
Liar (2016)
Trampler (2017)
Perpetual Revisiting (2016)
Unhinged (2016)
Viscera (2014)
Heavy Head (2014)
T1-T4  (2014)
Wife's Tail (2014)
Hollow Form (2013)
Deadbird (2013)
Three Headed Woman (2014)
Spoke Shave (2011)
Guestimate (2014
Guestimate (2014)
Guestimate (2014
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