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My sculpture practice is driven by a desire to express psychological emotional states coming from a general interest in anthropological mental health conditions and autobiographical experiences. My ‘objects’ are mostly bodily in nature and abstract in form, they sometimes have a tool like quality referencing a concern with use/ usefulness and existentialism.  Although the initial investigation of form might start from personal experience, there is always an element of searching for continuity from the ancient.  Elements of sorrow, confusion, anxiety, allure and danger and metaphoric death are explored, sometimes with sexual undertones. The contradiction within forms and the power of combining materials is not foregone but an important part of the finished work.  Often with both what might be viewed as masculine and feminine there is an awareness of the wider socio-political/economic climate of fear, expectation and feminism.  

Crimson Head (2016)
Untitled (2017)
Carnalia (2015)
Desirable Object (2017)
Remnants (2017)
Unravelling (2016)
Reocurrance (2016)
Perpetual Revisiting (2016)
Case Material (2016)
Exposed Abandonment (2014)
Holler (2016)
Liar (2016)
Trampler (2017)
Cununrum (2016)
Unhinged (2016)
Viscera (2014)
Heavy Head (2014)
T1-T4  (2014)
Wife's Tail (2014)
Hollow Form (2013)
Dead Bird (2013)
Three Headed Woman (2014)
Spoke Shave (2011)
Guestimate (2014
Guestimate (2014)
Guestimate (2014
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